If you’re passionate about building relationships, interacting with others and making a difference, you’ll feel right at home as part of the psychology department at Corban University.

Through the study of psychology, you will establish a solid understanding of the world we live in and what guides human behavior. You will learn to relate to research, investigate well and think about people by understanding the whole person. Internships and hands-on courses are paired with strong theoretical and philosophical courses to provide a strong foundation for your future career.

With a psychology degree from Corban, you will be well-prepared for graduate school and a career where you can make a difference.



General Psychology

Who we are is a complex mix of personality, background, culture, beliefs and experiences, and each person’s story is unique. The general psychology major immerses you in the world of psychology theory, philosophy and research to understand what drives human behavior. Interactive, engaging and practical classes, combined with great internship experiences, prepare you for graduate school and your career.


This degree is designed for students who are interested in the clinical, social, developmental, cognitive, biological and/or research areas in graduate school heading toward a master’s or doctoral degree, as well as for immediate careers in psychology-related settings.


Pre-Counseling / Clinical Psychology

Whether dealing with a major life crisis or seeking wisdom and guidance for everyday life, everyone can benefit from the support and listening ear of a counselor. The pre-counseling/clinical psychology degree helps you build the skills to interact with, serve, encourage and support others.


Corban offers specialized courses not typically found in most undergraduate psychology programs, such as trauma therapy, industrial organizational psychology, community agency counseling and more. Choose the elective classes that meet your specific interests, and tailor your degree toward your career goals.


This degree is designed for students who are interested in becoming licensed counselors or marriage and family therapists after completing graduate school, and/or working in ministry, social work and hands-on work settings, as well as for immediate careers in psychology- and ministry-related settings.

Unique Opportunities & Experiences

The international experiences, internships and student research opportunities that are available through Corban’s psychology program combine to create a well-rounded education for you. The experiences you choose can help you customize your degree to equip you for your chosen career path.



Research alongside of faculty with opportunities to present at conferences and even publish your research. The research process provides an important experience that helps prepare you for graduate school and ongoing study in the psychology field.



Internships provide practical experience that gives you an inside look at the field of psychology and enhances your resume for graduate school and employment. Corban psychology students pursue a variety of internship opportunities in Salem, their home towns or even internationally. Mission trips, hospitals, prisons, community counseling agencies, non-profit organizations and churches all offer unique internship experiences.


Global Opportunities

Corban University’s global connections offer opportunities for you to gain diverse perspectives on human behavior. Choose from a wide variety of study abroad programs where you can experience a new culture while continuing to prepare for a career in the field of psychology.


Student Psychology Association

This student organization provides opportunities for professional networking and lectures from guest speakers on important topics in the psychology field.

Career Opportunities

Corban psychology graduates are employed in a wide variety of counseling, research, ministry and social work careers. They leave Corban equipped to excel in graduate school and pursue meaningful careers such as:

Marriage and Family Therapy
Clinical Psychology
Youth Pastorate
Private Practice
Child Protective Services
Social Work
  •    Corban University
    “As a pre-counseling psychology major interested in school counseling, I affirm that Corban has been preparing me to work in a field where Christianity is not necessarily accepted. God's love and grace shown toward people is a principle that is greatly integrated in Corban's psychology program, equipping me to have His heart for people of all cultures, backgrounds and experiences.”
  •    Corban University
    “Corban has nurtured me as an individual, providing me with the best resources and education to prepare me for master's education. The psychology program in particular has really solidified my desire to work with couples and families, and I feel confident that my Corban education has prepped me for whatever work God will require of me.”
  •    Corban University
    “Corban is preparing me for the real world, to be a competent, resourceful and capable person to use my psychology major to help others. The program is always finding opportunities for students to participate in real world situations. My education is not just books and learning, but applying what I learn. Professors are willing to have real conversations with you about where you want to go in life and help you get there. They pray for you and encourage you every step of the way to graduation and beyond.”
  •    Corban University
    “At Corban University I found authentic relationship with the Lord, formed lifelong friendships, and uncovered my calling. I am currently at Rosemead School of Psychology in pursuit of my Psy.D to help women overcome eating disorders. I can't thank Corban professors, staff and coaches enough for their continual support and guidance.”
Relevant Coursework

The courses you take will depend on the concentration you choose, your career goals and your personal interests. Courses are interactive, engaging and practical and incorporate the most up-to-date psychological research and theories. Some of the topics you may study include:

  • Personality Theories
  • Psychology of Addictions
  • Family Systems
  • Community Agency Counseling
  • Psychology & Christianity
  • Trauma Therapy
  • Research Methods
  • Lifespan Development
  • Counseling Skills
  • Learning & Memory
  • Abnormal Psychology


Faculty Bios
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    Associate Professor of Psychology
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    Assistant Professor of Psychology
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