Multi-talented. That’s the word for students studying music at Corban University. While perfecting skills on a primary instrument—whether voice, strings or brass—they learn to lead worship, teach music students, and express their Christian faith through music. Day by day, they become more proficient performers by using opportunities on stage and in the classroom to gain experience and confidence.

As a Corban music student, you’ll develop the musical skills, professional knowledge, understanding of music theory and biblical values needed to serve our world effectively and represent Christ in life, ministry and service.


The music curriculum begins with a common core of courses for all music majors, and then specialized major coursework meets each student’s needs and interests. You’ll gain practical experience through performances, internships, travel opportunities, classroom field experiences and other projects.


General Music

Create a customized course of study that fits your musical interests and talents with this flexible degree. You’ll establish a strong foundation in musical knowledge and skill, participate in private lessons and music ensembles, and choose from a variety of electives to round out your training. This broad experience in music will prepare you to use your gift of music wherever God leads.


Music Performance

Discover your identity as a Christian musician and express your individuality in music performance. As a talented musician, you’ll focus on voice or a specific instrument, polishing your technical and performance skills. Intensive private instruction and performance opportunities through ensembles, concerts, programs and solo recitals will prepare you to reach your potential as a musician and glorify God with your talent.


Worship Arts

Use your musical talent to praise God and lead others in worshipping him. The worship arts degree combines a comprehensive biblical core with exceptional music training to prepare you for church worship ministry. With church internships and mentoring from area worship pastors, you’ll get practical experience and be ready to serve in ministry. Corban was named by Sharefaith as one of the Top 20 Best Universities & Schools for Worship Ministry in 2017!


Music Education

Music teachers get to open the world of music to students of all ages, from the basics of Do-Re-Mi, rhythm and kazoo-playing to advanced choral and instrumental skills. When you study music education at Corban, you’ll grow in your own talent as a musician while developing effective teaching skills for the music classroom. This major is offered in connection with Corban’s education department.

All prospective Corban music majors will be asked to fulfill the following, in addition to other Corban admission requirements:

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Music Participation

Performance ensembles play a vital role in the musical life on the Corban campus. Annually the music department hosts a music retreat (fall), Christmas Showcase (fall), and Hymn Festival (spring), in addition to seasonal concerts.

Musicians of all types are encouraged to participate in music at Corban. Whether you are planning a career in music or would simply like to grow as a musician by participating in a music ensemble or class, there is a place for you in our program.


Vocal Ensembles

Concert Choir

The concert choir performs university-level choral repertoire, including both contemporary and classical Christian music. This choir is open to all Corban students and no audition is required.

Chamber Choir

Chamber Choir is devoted to the mastery and performance of historically significant choral literature, including a cappella styling and works of the masters. Potential members may audition in the late spring semester. The Chamber Choir performs many times each semester, participates in choral competitions, and sometimes travels overseas.


Chapel Music

Praise & Worship Band

Worship arts majors gain experience in leading musical worship in chapel with the Praise and Worship Band. Students who are not worship arts majors can also participate in a chapel band through the Student Life department. Students become the instrumentalists and vocalists for multiple bands who lead chapel worship on a rotating basis.


Instrumental Ensembles

Concert Band

Corban’s concert band plays standard band repertoire and arrangements of hymns and praise songs, with at least two performances per semester. Open to all students with previous experience on a band instrument.

Jazz Band

The jazz band plays standard jazz band repertoire as well as Christian music arranged in jazz styles, frequently featuring individual members of the group as soloists. Open to students with previous experience on saxophone, trombone, trumpet, drums, piano, bass or jazz guitar.

Chamber Orchestra

The orchestra plays standard string and orchestral repertoire as well as arrangements of hymns and praise songs or popular selections. Occasionally it will include wind instruments in its concerts. Open to students with experience on stringed instruments.


Music Lessons

Group or individual private music lessons are available to all Corban students, regardless of major. Corban has an extensive inventory of pianos located around the campus and available for students to use, as well as a limited inventory of musical instruments available for student use during the school year.

Music Scholarships


Corban is pleased to offer scholarships of up to $7,000 to talented music majors, in addition to other financial aid for which you may qualify. To be eligible, you must audition for the music faculty.

Priority is given to students who audition before March 1.

Other financial opportunities include:

  • Ensemble Awards (for ensemble participants)
  • Accompanying (for skilled pianists)

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Auditions are required for music majors and provide eligibility for music scholarships. We prefer that students audition in person, but auditioning by a digital submission is acceptable. 

Arrangements for your audition must be made in advance and must include a Music Major Application. Please contact to schedule your audition or with questions.

  • Are required for all incoming music majors.
  • Allow music faculty to know your music talents.
  • Make you eligible for a music scholarship.
  •    Corban University
    “Corban’s music program instills a servant’s heart in its students and looks outward to service in the church and world. It has been a great provider of church and Christian school leadership and is producing musicians for the music community at large with high standards in academics, performance and worship leadership.”

    John Wack

    Worship Pastor Grace Baptist Church, Salem, Ore.
  •    Corban University
    “The Corban Music Department has been such a source of life, leadership, encouragement, challenge and community that I've never experienced anywhere else. Stumbling in as a freshman who knew God had given her a gift in music but found herself insecure and unsure about the direction her life would take, I was welcomed into this little family with grace, prayer, wisdom, nurturing and encouragement. I've grown so much as a musician, a leader, a human being and, ultimately, as a follower of Christ, and cannot express with words the gratitude I have for this department. God was so gracious to have placed me in such a community, and I can't imagine having a college experience any other way. If you're at all considering studying music in college, please come check it out!”

    Katie Kampen

    Worship Arts ‘17
  •    Corban University
    “Being a part of the Corban music department has greatly enriched me academically, spiritually and relationally. Throughout my four years here, I have been motivated to become a better musician and have been stretched in so many new ways—I am very thankful for those learning opportunities. I have also been equipped with a solid understanding of what it means to be a Christian musician. All of this has been the result of caring professors, who, along with fellow music students, create a close-knit community of genuine love and support. My experience studying music at Corban University has been an unforgettable one that I am very grateful for.”

    Melody Morrison

    Piano Performance ‘16
  •    Corban University
    “I was surprised when God led me to Corban to be a music major. Never would I have guessed not only the knowledge I would have attained, but the friendships I would build in the music department. I have been blessed with professors who love God and teach me what it means to be a Christian musician. I am surrounded by other students who want to give God glory as a musician, and many of them have become some of my closest friends. What a blessing to be learning music in an environment that puts growing in Christ first!”

    Charis Dressel

    Music Education ‘19
Career Opportunities

Corban music majors are equipped with professional skills and understanding of music theory, literature, history, and performance. They build up their musical abilities and explore ways to express their Christian faith through music.

Corban music graduates go on to pursue careers such as:

  • Music Teacher
  • Worship Pastor/Leader
  • Accompanist
  • Composer
  • Professional Musician
  • Music Manager
  • Music Therapist

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Relevant Coursework

Corban’s music majors participate in a rigorous curriculum grounded in music theory, history and aural skills to enhance your skills and confidence as a musician. Additional major-specific coursework equips you for success in your chosen career path and includes course topics such as:

  • Worship Leadership
  • Worship Planning and Administration
  • Conducting
  • Music Charting
  • Technology in Worship Ministries
  • Orchestration
  •    Corban University

    Eric Foley

    Chair, Music; Director of Choirs and Assistant Professor of Choral Music Education
  • John Bartsch, Associate Professor/Music, Corban University

    John Bartsch

    Associate Professor of Music Theory and Composition
  • Brian Griffiths

    Director of Bands and Instrumental Music Education
  •    Corban University

    Mark Stanek

    Director of Orchestra; Assistant Professor of Music History