Engage with and appreciate literature as an aspect of God's redemptive voice while you practice intelligent and thoughtful writing and explore your creative voice.

As an English major at Corban, you will be challenged to think from a biblical worldview, strive for professional excellence, and pursue a life that glorifies God through engagement in the creative arts.




Corban English majors both enjoy and create great literature, studying works from classic to modern and expressing their own voice through writing. You will study under experienced and published faculty in a progressive course of study in literature, philosophy and advanced writing.


Creative Writing

Revel in your love for stories and refine your storytelling ability as a creative writing major. You’ll focus on your development as a writer and explore a variety of genres—short stories, novels, poetry, non-fiction, screenplays. Not only will you take courses taught by published faculty, but you’ll also learn from your fellow students as you read and critique each other’s work.



Become a Christian thought leader through this combination of English and philosophy. Through literature and history, you’ll study stories of human thought and behavior and learn to analyze and theorize from a Christian perspective. You’ll develop skills such as critical thinking, effective communication, problem-solving and analysis that are valuable in a variety of careers. This degree is especially appropriate as a pre-professional program for those who intend to continue on to graduate school.

Unique Opportunities & Experiences

English majors will revel in the opportunities at Corban to express their creativity and deeply explore their passion for literature in all its forms. Here are just a few:


Study Abroad

Corban’s English major is particularly well-suited for students interested in study abroad, with many relevant classes available through programs in England, Germany, Costa Rica and other parts of the world. Corban faculty also lead study tours to Great Britain where students can earn academic credit while exploring the land of C.S. Lewis, Jane Austen, Shakespeare and more.


Fusion Art Show

Each year, Corban showcases an eclectic blend of original student poetry, painting and photography in the Fusion Art Show. Building on the concept that art inspires art, student poets share their work with other students who then interpret the poems as photographs and paintings. Students present their art at the Fusion Art Show and compile a book featuring the student work.



For more than 25 years, Corban’s Theatre Arts has taken center stage with its superb spiritually and emotionally engaging productions. Students from all majors have the opportunity to express their creativity and flair for the stage through dramas, tragedies, comedies and even musicals. Many Corban alumni who were active in theatre are now teaching theatre in schools, directing drama groups in churches, acting in theatre troops, and writing scripts for both church and community projects.


Stinky Bagels Poetry Club

Named after the garlic bagels that Corban professor and poet Dr. Colette Tennant often brings to the group, Stinky Bagels is a creative outlet for students in all majors. The club meets weekly to write and discuss poetry…and eat bagels.

Career Opportunities

Personal mentoring, small class sizes and faculty-supported internships enhance each graduate’s prospects for pursuing careers or graduate school. An English degree from Corban builds the foundation for a successful career in a variety of areas, such as:

English Professor
Dramatic Director
Corporate or Public Service Agency Writer
  •    Corban University
    "I love how Corban English professors push their students not only to enjoy great literature and art, but also to produce it. This creates a God-honoring environment in which an English major can develop the right skillset for any career."
    English ‘13 - Editor/Writer, WorldVenture
  •    Corban University
    "As a Creative Writing major, I have been surprised at the chances I've had to apply the skill set to jobs and outreaches. I have had the ability to partake in a multitude of publications and workshops that have shown me what I can do with my major--and how God can lead me."
    Creative Writing '17
Relevant Coursework

Coursework in the English major will strengthen your ability to think and write critically about literature and the world while also polishing your own creative voice. Depending on the concentration you choose, you may take classes such as:

  • Shakespeare
  • Literary Critcism
  • Nature and Structure of the English Language
  • Short Story Writing
  • Creative Writing Nonfiction
  • Poetry Writing
  • Logic and Rhetoric
  • History of Philosophy
  • Christian Ethics


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    Chair, Humanities; Professor of English & Communication
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    Assistant Professor of Communications and Media Arts
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    Professor of Humanities
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    Assistant Professor of English
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    Writer in Residence
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    Associate Professor of English
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    Professor of English and Humanities
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    Professor of English
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