Prepare for the adventure of teaching as an active, creative, lifelong learner who will inspire your students in a public, private, faith-based or international school setting. Corban’s education program leads to state licensure, with extensive classroom experience, technical skills and theoretical training that equips you for your teaching career.

We are dedicated to producing highly effective teacher candidates who will make a difference in the world. This has resulted in Corban being respected as one of the premiere institutions of teacher preparation in our region. Corban education graduates are passionate, educated and well-prepared for the classroom.

You’ll learn from expert faculty who have an average of 14 years each of K-12 experience as elementary, middle school and high school teachers, administrators in private, public and international school settings, and after-school program directors.

Corban was also named one of the Top 30 Great Small Colleges for a Teaching Degree in 2015 and is the 2015 recipient of the Crystal Apple Business Partnership Award.


Corban offers a wide variety of education majors that give you the tools and resources to be successful in a challenging career. You will graduate with a recommendation for an Oregon state teacher's license and an ACSI teaching license. Elementary education majors also graduate with an ESOL endorsement as part of their degree.

Language Arts Education

Guide students in expressing their unique perspective and creativity through language arts. You’ll introduce them to great and inspiring literature, teach valuable writing and communication skills, and encourage imagination.

Biology Education

As a biology teacher, you'll create exciting experiments, dissect frogs and introduce students to God's amazing creation through the study of science. You'll be prepared with effective teaching strategies and in-depth knowledge to inspire a new generation of scientists.

Mathematics Education

Did you have a favorite teacher who made you love math because of the way they taught and how excited they were about it? Now you can be that teacher! Corban's math education program gives you the tools to make complex math concepts relevant for high school and middle school students.

Music Education

Music teachers get to open the world of music to students, from the basics of Do-Re-Mi, rhythm and kazoo-playing to advanced choral and instrumental skills. When you study music education at Corban, you’ll grow in your own talent as a musician while developing effective teaching and conducting skills for the music classroom.

Elementary Education

ABCs, 123s, art projects, science experiments … elementary education combines it all. Create a fun and vibrant learning environment as you teach critical literacy and math skills that lay the foundation for your students’ ongoing education. You will also earn an ESOL endorsement to better equip you for today's cross-cultural classrooms.

Physical Education

Physical education is about more than playing dodgeball and picking teams. As a P.E. teacher, you can use games and physical activity to encourage students to develop healthy habits and an active lifestyle, as well as important life skills like teamwork, sportsmanship and wellness.

Health Education

Create healthier, happier lifestyles, one student at a time. You’ll be equipped to teach a variety of health and wellness strategies that enable students to make good choices about nutrition, exercise, hygiene, mental health and their overall well-being.

Social Studies Education

Lead students through the wonders of the ancient world, the innovations of the Renaissance, the spirit of patriotism in the American Revolution and the challenges facing today's modern nations. As a social studies teacher, you can inspire students to get involved in their communities, recognize opportunities to serve others and make a difference in the world.

Intercultural Education

As an intercultural educator, you will be equipped to teach in international or cross-cultural settings where education can literally change lives. This hybrid ministry and education degree combines a strong foundation of Bible, ministry and intercultural studies with fundamental education theory and practice.

*This degree does not lead to state licensure, but does provide an ACSI Bible Specialist professional certification.

Para-Professional Educator (A.A.)

This two-year associate’s degree equips you for an important assisting role in educating tomorrow's leaders. You might provide one-on-one attention to students who need extra help, assist teachers with classroom prep and classroom management, or work in school administration offices. The education coursework of Corban's A.A. degree meets federal requirements for highly qualified para-professional educators, preparing you to work in a variety of school settings.

Physical Education & Health

This program combines physical education and health education courses into one degree. You will be prepared to teach students important skills and knowledge for a healthy life.


As a Corban education major, you will receive some of the best teacher training available. Quality education, innovative technology, caring professors, practical experience, and a solid biblical foundation all combine to equip you to make a difference as an educator.


One of the most important distinctives of Corban’s education program is that you will be in the classroom throughout each year of your education training, immersed in clinical field experience to prepare you to take on your own classroom with confidence.
During your observation and student teaching, you will have the opportunity to experience three distinct types of classrooms to give you a well-rounded foundation and help you determine the best fit for your strengths and interests.

  • Freshman year – private schools (faith-based or secular)
  • Sophomore year – urban, high-needs, Title I schools (often bilingual)
  • Junior year – rural schools in the community surrounding Salem
  • Senior year – based on your interests and strengths

Corban’s faculty and staff have developed international relationships that give you one-of-a-kind teaching opportunities around the world. Corban education majors can choose from a variety of short-term teaching opportunities, often over the summer, in places such as Indonesia, New Zealand, South Korea, Peru, and Africa, and many of our graduates choose to pursue careers abroad. Wherever God leads you to teach, you’ll be equipped with a global perspective and unique experiences that can benefit you in any classroom.


Corban is paving the way to changes in education. We aren’t just part of the conversation in education reform—we’re leading it in the Salem-Keizer area. We have pioneered an innovative and exciting partnership with the Salem-Keizer school district that has gained national recognition for its unique and creative way of enabling university supervisors, school principals, classroom teachers and student teachers to work together more closely than ever before. The result: better-trained teachers and better K-12 student test scores.
Corban is also honored to be the 2015 Crystal Apple Business Partnership Award recipient. This award recognizes a community organization that uses business best practices, innovation and leadership to engage a school community to support student achievement.


Corban education majors graduate well-equipped to teach in public, private, faith-based or international school settings or to serve in school administration. Their extensive classroom experience gives them the knowledge and skills to confidently begin their careers as educators, and every Corban education major graduates with an ACSI teaching license and a recommendation for a state teacher’s license.
An education degree from Corban gives you a strong foundation for a variety of teaching careers, including:

  • Public School Teacher
  • Christian School Teacher
  • International School Teacher
  • Private Tutor
  • School Principal
  • Special Education Teacher
  • Community Educator
  • After-School Program Director
  • Christian Camp Director
  • Children's Ministry Leader
  • School Librarian
  • Band/Orchestra/Choir Director
  • Athletic Director


Since 2013, 100% of Corban’s education graduates who have chosen to pursue a teaching career have obtained a teaching job.
Our alumni are making a difference as educators all around the world.

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You’ll take a variety of professional education courses that will enable you to be a highly effective teacher in today’s ever-changing education system. Additional coursework is tailored to your specific area of focus.

Some of the topics you’ll study include:

  • Lifespan Development
  • Literacy
  • Assessment
  • Classroom Management
  • Teaching Exceptional Children
  • Intercultural Communication

For a complete list of courses required, please see the major worksheets.

   Corban University
Corban's leadership and faculty are committed to best practices and innovative strategies to make sure that their students have authentic and rigorous opportunities that make them ready to be successful in any school environment. Chavez Elementary benefits greatly from our partnership with Corban University to prepare the best teachers for our community! Since our opening in 2012, we have worked closely with university faculty to host student observations in our school, be a practicum site, and plan professional development opportunities to benefit current Corban students and clinical teachers in the district.

Olga Cobb

Principal, Chavez Elementary School, Salem, OR
   Corban University
I saw how the different teaching philosophies I learned at Corban could help my teaching style in a real way with my students. When Corban let me get in the classroom early, I felt God placing this mission on my heart and showing me the difference I could make in the world as a teacher.

Janae Grieb

Social Studies Education
Teacher, Parish Middle School, Salem, OR
   Corban University
My professors challenge me as they prepare me for the world ahead with a Christian perspective.

Marie Smith

Elementary Education ‘16
   Corban University
Our time at Corban prepared both my wife, Amy, and me to be competent and active in our careers overseas and in the States - equipped with a mindset that our students are created in God's image, worthy of love and full of potential.

Caleb Stultz

Teacher, SPH International Pluit Village Campus, Jakarta, Indonesia


The Bilingual Educator Award recognizes aspiring bilingual educators from a culturally and linguistically diverse background who want to make a difference through teaching. With increasing diversity in U.S. schools, well-qualified bilingual teachers are essential to the education system. As a bilingual educator, you will have the opportunity to bring your unique perspective to the education system and make a difference for your future students.


  • Incoming first-time freshmen
  • Enrolled in education major
  • Bilingual in Spanish (other languages may be considered)
  • Preference given to those of Hispanic background or another culturally and linguistically diverse background.
  • Preference given to Salem-Keizer graduates who participated in the Teacher Cadet program.
  • Financial need demonstrated by FAFSA
  • Transfer and currently-enrolled students are not eligible.


Feb. 1 - Application deadline

March 1 - Finalists notified



   Corban University

Alexis Mendez

  • Faculty
Assistant Professor of Education
   Corban University

Sang-Eun Dyer

  • Faculty
Assistant Professor of Education
   Corban University

Jennifer Kleiber

  • Faculty
Assistant Professor of Education
   Corban University

Aaron Imig

  • Faculty
Director, Graduate Education; Professor of Education
   Corban University

Jesse Payne

  • Faculty
Assistant Professor of Education
   Corban University

Kristin Dixon

  • Faculty
Dean of Education and Counseling
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