Communication & Journalism

As part of the English department at Corban, the communication and journalism programs challenge students to find and use their redeemed human voice to make a difference in the world for Jesus Christ.

Practical internships, expert faculty and small class sizes prepare you to pursue a career as a skilled communicator, writing and speaking compellingly about things that matter.


Corban offers two distinct concentrations through the English department that help you master your skills as an effective communicator in print and speech.



Explore the art of communication through writing, speech, drama and digital media. Corban equips you with effective written and oral communication skills that establish the foundation for a wide range of career options. You will learn to organize your thoughts clearly, write persuasively and speak compellingly. Communication internships also give you practical experience in applying your skills beyond college.



Prepare to write professionally and artistically about things that matter in a way that matters. Classes are taught by professional journalists and published faculty who will work with you to develop your own portfolio of writing and internship experiences tailored to your particular interests. Whether you’re interested in newswriting, book publishing, electronic media or editing, you’ll be prepared for a future in media.

Unique Opportunities & Experiences



Practical internships are an integral part of Corban’s communication and journalism programs. The real world experience, mentoring from media experts, and professional networking that internships provide gives our graduates an advantage in this competitive job market. Corban journalism majors have earned such prestigious honors as internships with the Charles Snowden Program for Excellence in Journalism and editorial residencies with Christianity Today.


Hilltop News

Corban’s award-winning student newspaper provides outstanding practical experience for student writers. Their mission is to tell true stories that contribute to authentic Christian community at Corban by sharing student perspectives on matters of importance to the Corban community.



At Corban, it’s not only faculty who have their work published. From letters to the editor to articles published by respected magazines, student writers begin to develop a portfolio of published work well before graduation.

Career Opportunities

Corban communication and journalism graduates are well-equipped through practical internships and faculty mentoring to pursue careers such as:

Freelance Writer
Public Speaker
Corporate Communications Manager
Public Relations Specialist
Radio Broadcaster
Television Reporter
  •    Corban University
    “Corban's journalism program is completely unique and has already helped me gain real-world experience. I am going to be well-prepared for a career because the program has taught me to interview effectively, write on deadlines, become a better storyteller and create a portfolio of impressive articles about notable events and important people. My professors believe in me and are always pushing me to be the best I can be by providing me with an education that shows me what it means to actually be a journalist.”
    Journalism and Political Science ‘19, Hilltop News Editor
  •    Corban University
    “On countless occasions, I've been able to directly correlate specific classes and lessons from my education at Corban with actual tasks I'm doing at work. I'm so thankful for the time I spent at Corban, and even more for the real-world experience I gained while thriving in a Christian environment.”
    Communication ‘16, Marketing Coordinator at Dutch Brothers
  •    Corban University
    Corban provided real career experience throughout my time as a student. My professors used their knowledge of my passions and their networks in the field to propel me into consistent internships and learning experiences that provided me with a competitive resume. Upon graduating, I had multiple job offers, thanks to Corban’s focus on preparing me professionally and not just focusing on theoretical scenarios.
    Adjunct Instructor/English
Relevant Coursework

Personalized instruction in small classes taught by expert faculty ensures that communication and journalism students receive a top-quality education. Topics you may study include:

  • Media and Society
  • Persuasive Theory and Writing
  • Print Journalism
  • Critique for Publication
  • Intercultural Communication
  • Literary Criticism
  • Oral Interpretation
  • Visual Arts


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