Homeschooled Students

Corban University welcomes students with a homeschooled education. If you are looking for a school with academic strength, a Christian community and a solid biblical foundation, Corban is a great fit for you! You will find information below regarding the application process and documents necessary for acceptance.

To apply, you will need:

  • Personal Essay
  • SAT (900 minimum Math and Reading) or ACT (19 minimum)
  • Christian Character Reference (not a parent)
  • Official Transcript (see details below) or Official GED (51 minimum)
  • $35 Application Fee

Corban recommends home school students to complete the following classes:

  • English – 4 years
  • Math – 3 years
  • Social Studies – 3 years
  • Science – 2 years
  • Foreign Language – 2 years

High School Transcript Requirements (Example Transcript):

  • Name of home school (if any) and address
  • Registrar (parent) signature and date
  • Date of graduation
  • Classes taken each year with the letter grade received
  • Yearly and total cumulative GPA
    • The GPA is calculated by:
      • Multiplying the credits for each course by the grade points associated with the grade earned (A=4, B=3, C=2, D=1, F=0)
      • Totaling the points earned for all courses
      • Dividing the total points by the total number of graded credits attempted

Need help or have any questions, please contact the admissions office at 1.800.845.3005.