Majors and Programs


Become an effective decision maker, skilled communicator and spiritually-mature business leader through training in organizational leadership, management skills, internship opportunities and other discipline-specific coursework.

"Corban University's School of Business has had a big impact on my life. Not only the knowledge gained from the teachers and experiences, but also the integration of Biblical principles and instruction of true ethical service that we take into the work force!"

Justin White


Celebrate the adventure of learning and teaching as an active, creative, lifelong learner who will inspire your students in a public or private school setting. Theoretical training, technical skills and classroom experience prepare you for your teaching career.

"I love being able to see how my students learn in different ways. Their individual learning strategies and personalities are so fun to watch!"

Amber Meeker


Engage with and appreciate literature as an aspect of God's redemptive voice while you practice intelligent and thoughtful writing, explore your creative voice and master compelling storytelling through print, speech or digital media.

"I love how Corban English professors push their students not only to enjoy great literature and art, but also to produce it. This creates a God-honoring environment in which an English major can develop the right skillset for any career."

Kate Tracy

Exercise Science

Train for a career in sports, fitness, wellness and physical activity that values the human body as the temple of the Holy Spirit. Understanding and applying the principles of physical health enhances both mental and spiritual health.

"The exercise science major always keeps me challenged and provides rewarding experiences. The relationships with students and professors are life changing!"

Michael Cowan

Health Science

Build a solid foundation for your future as a committed, caring healthcare professional. Immerse yourself in cutting-edge coursework and research, focused MCAT preparation and real-world experience in local hospitals and through medical missions.

"Corban's health science program is really equipping me for my future in medicine. The time my professors invest in my learning, whether in lectures or with hands-on labs, has really made a difference. I know I will have what I need to succeed as a Christian healthcare provider."

Amanda Shields

History and Government

Challenge your thinking and engage your world as you study the complex and fascinating issues of society, both past and present, from a Christian worldview: ethics and war, politics, social justice, legal precedents, criminal rehabilitation and more.

"History majors at Corban benefit from mentoring relationships with expert faculty in a close-knit, collaborative community. Engaging a biblical worldview in each course, professors prepare students to be mature Christians, informed scholars and responsible citizens.

Samuel Pearson


Enhance your problem-solving skills, analytic ability and appreciation of God's orderly creation through the study of mathematics. The knowledge you gain can be applied to a career in math education, engineering, computer science, statistical research and more.

"I love working with young teens and think math is awesome!"

Peter Musick


Prepare for a lifetime of personal growth and Christian service through solid biblical and theological education, relevant leadership training and mentored ministry experience that equips you for the broad scope of ministry today.

"I am so thankful for the faculty in the Ministry department. They have cared for me individually as a person. Their lectures have spoken directly to me and impacted my life."

Chaz Luchterhand


Develop the musical skills, professional knowledge, understanding of music theory and biblical values needed to serve our world effectively and represent Christ in life, ministry and service as you express your Christian faith through music.

"As a musician at Corban, I feel appreciated and important. From a spiritual perspective, it is our priority to glorify God with our music, our learning, our practicing and our performing. We make it our goal to give these things back to God every day."

Marianne Brim


Establish a solid understanding of the world we live in, what guides human behavior and how to relate to research and investigate well. You'll be well prepared for a position of leadership in ministry, psychology, counseling or social work.

"I like learning from a biblical perspective how people think and why they do certain things. I enjoy the faculty's love for teaching and passion for their students."

Bridget Bartmess
AMBEX - Christian Study Abroad

Study Abroad

Pick from 15 study-abroad programs that will expand your college experience. You can study with and learn from knowledgeable professors at Oxford University, or learn how to incorporate Christian values in the film industry in Los Angeles, or even gain exposure to real-life journalism through a summer program. At Corban, you aren't limited to Salem; you have many opportunities to see the world!

AMBEX - Christian Study Abroad

Take advantage of Corban's extension campus located in the heart of Bavaria – beautiful Amberg, Germany. Here you will dive into the culture and history of the "Great Awakening" of the Christian church and trace its German origins. Live in one of the many housing options and experience the German/European culture first-hand.

Study Tours

Travel to lands of Lords, Ladies, Lilliputians, Leprechauns or follow the footsteps of Moses and Jesus and explore ancient biblical sites where some of the greatest events in human history have taken and will take place.

Corban students have the opportunity to participate in several study tours during their college experience - England, Scotland, Ireland, Israel and Egypt are just a few to select from.

Make the world your classroom

CCCU Programs

The Council for Christian Colleges & Universities (CCCU), an association of 107 campuses in the U.S. and Canada, offers the following semester and summer programs to students of its member institutions.

Go beyond the confines of the traditional classroom

Even More Travel-Study Opportunities

Not enough? Here are a few more.